What does the 2nd year programme for a Diploma involve?



Course Delivery

Kailo Training Institute offers this dynamic online course where we use mixed methods, including self-paced methods and interactive sessions to make your distance learning a vibrant experience.

Learners will be participating in supporting people and will be able to report on their activities and testimonies.


12 months – part-time.



This year has 10 modules with 10 topics each.

Before starting the year’s work you are required to complete a self-paced annual onboarding module to refresh your memory of general policies and procedures and to give you all the guidance to achieve success with your studies.

The practical applications will continue to expand your knowledge of the ministry field you are passionate about such as working with children, families, trauma, bereavement and so forth.

This year can be the second ¼ of your Bachelor’s Degree.

This is a Christian Pastoral Counselling qualification, with a strong ministry-oriented focus. The qualification serves to provide adult learners with the knowledge/theory and application techniques for ministerial studies in their chosen field of speciality. It emphasises selected general knowledge and Biblical principles together with more specific methods and applications.

Course Summary

The core of second-year modules guides learners to understand the theories and principles of Christian Pastoral Counselling and helping victims in problem-saturated situations. Learners continue to learn about research and writing skills, as well as how to affirm their personal faith in the context of their ministries. The Bible is the vital handbook in this course. Wisdom books in the Bible are the focus of the year.

Entry Requirements

You are able to apply for entry to this Diploma course if you successfully completed the Certificate in Christian Pastoral Counselling.

Course Recognition

This is a non-secular qualification. You will receive a Kailo Training Institute attendance certificate plus a Diploma from Therapon University.

Therapon University is accredited in the USA by The American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions as well as Theological Accreditation International and is authorized to grant degrees by Religious Exemption in St. Thomas, USVI.

Payment Plan

Kailo Training Institute is structured in a monthly payment plan to mitigate any concerns about financial risk.

Various payment methods.

Your Benefits

We have helped people from various backgrounds to become volunteer supporters and counsellors.

  • Learners come from a variety of backgrounds and communities.
  • You will acquire counselling skills to enhance your core profession.
  • This course can open doors for you if you are looking for a fresh perspective to be of service to your community.
  • There are so many demands on your time that it may be difficult to fit studies in, but this programme is extremely applicable and practical for flexible learning.
  • You can make measurable progress through your studies at a part-time pace.
  • This is an ideal course for you if you want to develop the self-confidence to spread hope and encourage the people around you.
  • After successfully completing this Diploma you can progress to the Higher Diploma Course.


Points To Ponder

At Kailo Training Institute you will never just be a number.

We see you as a whole person, not just a student. We aim to uphold your integrity and wellbeing at every step. Our process is collaborative a purposeful. We also seek to understand your ministry and work with you to optimise your potential and optimise your wellness.



Kailo Training Institute’s team engage in frequent professional counselling, supervision and training. This includes advice, crisis intervention, trauma handling, specialized governance and registered financial advice.

Each team member has more than 30-years of industry experience, as well as specialised academic qualifications. This means they actually walked many miles in students' shoes by completing their studies through distance learning, face-to-face classes and doing research.

All this while working in a vocation and building dynamic ministries and organisations.

Our experiences enable us to create an environment where students can flourish and enjoy their ministries.

Detail about the faculty leadership.

Social Interaction

Kailo Training Institute provides an exceptional experience and level of care for all learners. We handle every interaction with understanding, empathy and confidentiality.

You will be able to join in various forms of social interaction which enhances sharing ideas, observations and testimonies.

Personal Growth

Your personal wellness and growth are essential considerations in each ministry focus module.

Learner Support

You will be able to encouragement in the form of daily electronic emails for Inter Trauma Nexus.

Weekly support from the Association for Christian Ministries.

Together we can make our communities healthier by empowering people to support and encourage others.

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