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Dr Barbara Louw – Dean

D.Div; PhD Counselling; PhD Wellness & Folk Medicine; MA Soc; BTh; MIITCI; CHT; DEmed

The most straightforward way to introduce Dr Barbara Louw is to say that she is passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of people. As an experienced Traumatologist and Pastoral Counsellor, she enables her clients to put the trauma behind them and to grow towards wellness. After dealing with the initial crisis and trauma, she adds value to her clients’ lives by being available to coach them toward wholeness.

Her academic background is diverse and she is experienced in public speaking. She shares practical and theoretical knowledge by offering continuous professional development training as well as formal academic training.

Abbreviated CV of Dr Barbara Louw


Rev Wynand Louw – Registrar and Bible School


Rev. Wynand Louw is 35+ years in financial services and Ministry, working in various communities in South Africa. He is an ordained minister and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).  The (CFP®) designation is the highest level worldwide as the standard for Financial Planners awarded by the International Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB).

He has an impressive academic and professional testimony in a wide array of fields. Rev Wynand is the Group Liason Coordinator and Mentor who coaches groups in their congregations and organisations. He guides them to achieve optimal synergy as learners work together in their unique faith community. (Read more about Groups)

Abbreviated CV of Rev Wynand Louw