Being an adult learner can be an enriching experience. By this time you know that if you want to learn, nobody can stop you. The opposite is also true because if you don’t want to learn nothing can force you.

Kailo Training Institute offers learners tools and guidance to be off to a great start. Completing studies is always a team effort.

The very first interview is the preliminary interview to ensure that there is a good match between yourself and the training we offer. When we do the interview we review your expectations and long term goals, along with what we can provide. If there is not a good match, we will make alternative suggestions for you.

In this interview, we talk about what you are passionate about, your strengths and your vision for your studies. We acknowledge that a God-given calling is more than a career or mere desire. (See the article: How do I know I have a God-given calling?)

If your preliminary interview was successful you are invited to enrol as a learner. In the enrolment process, you create your profile on the Learner Management System (LMS), submit the requested documentation, a signed acceptance of the quotation and financial agreement and add a photo of yourself. The LMS is a user-friendly way of navigating you through your studies just like a navigator on a road trip. This road trip will not last indefinitely, because you have to reach specific milestones at given intervals and there is a beginning and an end for every programme.

This navigator contains your On-Boarding or orientation module. The On-Boarding module must be completed, like a vehicle checklist before you depart on your study road trip. This is your know-how guide to address any questions and ambiguities before you start.

Two tools will keep score of your progress through your studies. The first is the LMS where all your module notes, assignments and most of the reading and viewing material will be stored. The LMS is the major platform through which you communicate with the facilitators. Your learning record for evaluation and accreditation will come from this platform. The other tool is your logbook that will play a vital role from Day 1.

The first module on every level is The Bible, The Counsellor’s Handbook. This is the most important module consisting of 10 topics for every year. Here is a colourful example of a visual summary of the highlights of the first module of the first year. In this programme, the focus is not on passing examinations, but on retaining knowledge and applying skills appropriately. Facilitators use continuous assessment and practical tasks to help you to make the most of your studies. (Download your copy)

If you are off to a great start and you are committed to being faithful because you know why you are embarking on learning about Christian Pastoral Counselling training you will enjoy the fruit of your labour.

Kailo Training Institute is looking forward to receiving your Expression of Interest.

Send an Expression of Interest for detail about fees and cost involved. T&C's apply for admission.

When God calls you He gives you peace and grace. Let’s leave no one in pain!