The Christian Pastoral Counselling Training First Year Programme is a certificate course.

 This year programme is for people who love God and who want to make a difference in the lives of other people.
The emphasis is on Christian Pastoral Counselling training for adult learners.
Subcategories of interest like counselling children, marriage, trauma, and so on, will be identified during the final selection interviews and will per part of the course participant's practical work.
The focus will be on the following modules:
• Application & Interview
• Intro & Orientation
• The Counsellors' Handbook – The Bible 1
• Research & Writing Skills
• Being a Christian Counsellor
• Counselling Skills 1
• Christian Counselling 1
• Victim Support 1
• Client Engagement
• Wellbeing in Ministry
• Ethical Christian Ministry 1

Expression of Interest for studying with Kailo Training Institute is open. This means that you can complete the Expression of Interest form with your CV. Preliminary selection interviews will be scheduled shortly after receiving the form with their latest CV.

During the preliminary selection interview, we discuss the documentation submitted by the prospective learners, as well as the expectations, aspirations, financial matters and strategy for the way forward. If the prospective learners' selection interviews are successful, they will be invited to complete the application forms and continue with the enrolment process.

There is recognition of the learner's prior learning that will apply to all post-graduate students.

Send your email with your form and CV to arrange your interview with a facilitator.

The overview of the syllabus for the following years is available for the prospective learners, after the selection interview.