What is in the name?

Kailo Training Institute offers Christian Pastoral Counselling training. That is part of our niche in the world of helping people.

We aim to equip people to help others to find ways to deal with their difficulties and understand their feeling. Counselling is particularly useful for people who are going through a difficult time such as bereavement, relationship problems, work stress or other life-changing situations.

The helping niche in the name signifies that we equip learners in the Christian paradigm and from a Pastoral worldview. We are not trying to be everything for everybody. We are working towards wholeness and wellness with the Bible as the primary counsellor’s handbook. This means that we want to inspire learners to walk alongside people and to know how to encourage people to move out of problem saturated life situations and spiritual barrenness.

Christian Pastoral Counselling can help people in the following ways:

  • Understand and enhance their wellbeing
  • Improve relationships with others
  • Take greater control of their life decisions
  • Make sense of how the past influences the present
  • Feel more confident and have hope for a better future
  • Feel a stronger sense of purpose and direction
  • Overcome fears, guilt and shame
  • Improve their health and wellbeing
  • Reduce unhealthy coping behaviours so that we can stand in a dynamic relationship with God and others

As a Christian Pastoral Counsellor learner on our programmes you will develop personally and you will benefit from the well-developed ministry focussed toolkit for taking care of God’s people according to your God-given calling. All the modules are structured for developing your wisdom and resilience for future challenges, cultivating happiness, and generally helping you become the best version of yourself and a well-equipped counsellor.

We aim to teach you how to bridge the gap between helping people and utilizing what you have in the place where you are at. To help you to grow spiritually and socially we provide knowledge that is relevant to the task at hand. Guidance and implementing wisdom will prepare you to handle every interaction with understanding, empathy and confidentiality. We see every client as a whole person, not a patient. You are trained to uphold integrity and privacy at every step to ease people’s burdens and optimise your wellbeing.

You can be successful. We believe in people’s potential. We believe that everyone can be whole and pursue their dreams to make a difference. We offer an environment that is conducive for you to grow and develop. Our programmes are accessible and provide learners with the support that empower them to excel in their unique communities.

We design and deliver training that enhances our learners' lives in various ways. We walked many miles in the student’s shoes, by completing our studies through distance learning, face-to-face classes and doing research, while founding and managing dynamic organisations. Our experiences enable us to create an environment where learners can flourish and enjoy their ministries.

Kailo Training Institute presents every module with the commitment to share the essence of what is necessary to equip a Christian Pastoral Counsellor. We do not present any irrelevant training modules to bulk up courses (Afrikaans – “stop vakke”) or fluffy presentations to fill the prescribed training hours. Every module is essential and important.

The facilitators at Kailo Training Institute are specialists in Christian Pastoral Counselling and we have over 30-years of industry experience in making our community healthier by empowering people to support and encourage other people. We are confident our curriculum and support services set the benchmark for the industry.

For more than three decades our work makes a real-world difference in a multicultural society. We believe that doing small things right have a huge impact in real and tangible ways. Together we make a positive impact within our communities.

What is in the name? Kailo means healing, being whole and well. Let’s reach out to people who needs God healing touch to become whole again. Let’s reach the people who are unreachable because of their pain.