Training in an Ever-changing Society

Formal education was traditionally considered the key to success and lifelong job security. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made us more aware that our world is continuously changing. The era we live in demands more adaptability and agility in everything we do.

An individual may start working in a position based on their formal qualifications. As time goes by, their other human skills are essential for career progression. Their human skills allow them to be promoted or deployed into different roles, or to start new ventures.

Today’s society requires that people upskill and be equipped with the knowledge and know-how for their various roles. The experiences we had during the COVID-19 pandemic proved how important it is for Christian Pastoral Counsellors all over the world to specialize in more than a single field of expertise. These counsellors had to help people with grief, illness, suffering and shockingly high levels of domestic violence.

Kailo Training Institute undertakes to provide training that fulfils the upskilling needs of adults who have formal qualifications as well as for those who don’t have a formal qualification. The training will enhance your development through University accredited, non-secular, year programmes and post-graduate opportunities in Christian Pastoral Counselling.

Kailo Training Institute acknowledges that modern society requires multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary theoretical knowledge. Although the focus is on Christian Pastoral Counselling, our programmes are structured to give learners an insight into different theories, disciplines and fields of human sciences. Training modules are compiled to facilitate different theoretical levels and types of knowledge that is necessary for Christian Pastoral Counselling.

The training modules are concise, in order to provide relative and just-in-time knowledge to meet the unique needs of learners. In an ever-changing society, we face new challenges all the time and there is a growing need for Christian Pastoral Counsellors who have sound foundations.

Kailo Training Institute lays the foundations in training modules such as The Bible – The Counsellor’s Handbook; Counselling Skills; Principles of Christian Counselling and Personal wellbeing in the Context of Faith and Ministry. In training, students learn to appreciate the Core characteristics of Christian Counsellors and Ethical Christian Ministry will allow them to also grow into the areas of ministry that they are passionate about.

A Christian Pastoral Counsellor who has a good theoretical and practical foundation can easily acquire knowledge and advanced skills. The advanced skills allow counsellors to help people in “problem saturated situations” like children, the elderly and family.

Kailo Training Institute offers online programmes that are accessible and affordable for part-time learners. These programmes are for you if you want to expand your skillset as a counsellor, supporter or volunteer. You will also benefit if you just want to prepare for higher-order love-work in your neighbourhood and community. Start to explore your options today!

You can participate in a preliminary interview with one of the facilitators before you commit. In this interview, you can present your questions, share your passion and get detail about the financial commitment.

Talking about financial commitment is very important because your money is “the seed” which you have to spend wisely. The training is affordable and you will be presented with a comprehensive quotation to ensure that there is no hidden cost. The monthly payment option mitigates financial risk on your side.

Kailo Training Institute’s Christian Pastoral Counselling training programmes are effective ways to develop and reinvent yourself for your God-given calling in a world where you can make a substantial difference.

There is a short video and a brochure on the website. Send your Expression of Interest today!

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