The team at Kailo Training Institute is committed to supporting learners to complete their studies successfully. We have first-hand experience of the challenges experienced by adult learners, especially the multi-vocational scholars.

Although the programs are presented online and learners can work asynchronous and at their own pace no one is left to struggle alone. The lecturers are seasoned facilitators who arrange weekly online contact sessions with the learners.

The lecturers are involved in the preliminary interviews, the selection process and coaching during the studies and practical work.

The learners receive a grid with all the modules they have to complete and there are additional models to assist with practical aspects such as writing skills and research methods.

Even though learners can work at their own pace, there are milestones that they have to reach to ensure that their studies will be completed within the contracted timeframe.

If you are interested in studying with us, you can send an Expression of Interest today. There is a quiz available if you wonder whether you can be a good counsellor. The link to the QUIZ.